Saturday, August 8, 2009

cedar apple rust fungus dye experiment

I got this peachy tan color with cedar apple rust fungus.I collected some cedar apple rust fungus from some cedar trees back in March. I boiled them in an aluminum pot for an hour, then left them to soak in pot for 1 week. I strained the liquid and returned it to the pot. I boiled the yarn for 30 minutes. I did not intend to boil it but I got distracted. I used a mini skein of Norwegian wool, that was unmordanted.
Cedar apple rust fungus:

I tested a sample in a hot sunny window(in July) for 1 month and it did not fade at all. I will definitely collect alot more next March.


  1. Would you get a dye out of Carrot, or grass? In our Science class, me and my partner want to try it but I'm not sure if the carrot or grass would work. If not, which material should we use?

  2. Emily &amp,
    grass will give shades of green(think of grass stains), I haven't tried carrots(yet).