Friday, March 27, 2009

suffolk sheep fleece

I have been washing fleeces this week. The picture below is about 1/2 of the Suffolk fleece. On the bobbin is a thin single of the Suffolk.
I carded this on my drum carder and spun it woolen long draw. I left some on the lanolin in it to make it easy to spin(I am still a beginner spinner). I spun it thin and I will spin another bobbin to make a 2 ply. I have some natural dye pots waiting for it(that's when the real fun begins).


  1. This is beautiful. Makes you just want to dive into it! I'm hoping to start spinning this Spring. Thanks for sharing and participating in Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. Lovely!
    I note the tips of the fleece are very clean. Mine tend to have accumulated grease and dirt on them while the rest if very white. Do you rince in a large amount ot water to achieve this?